Gas Station Memorabilia

Who can forget, if you’re over sixty years old, when gas prices were in two digits plus nine tenths? Who can also forget some of the venerable old names in the gasoline industry, such as Sohio, Conoco, Getty, Gulf, Phillips 66 and Amoco, when those gas stations were in abundance?

Here and there across the country you can still come upon the remains of old gas stations in various states of repair or decay. If you’re lucky, you might even see some of the venerable gas station signs that still hang, long after they no longer have a product to advertise.

We remember those good old days when gasoline was inexpensive, when gas station attendants not only pumped your gas but also washed your windshield and checked under the hood for oil and water levels. Maybe it’s because of the service that occurred at what we called service stations rather than gas stations that we long to somehow be in touch with that past.

One of the ways to be in touch with that past is to collect the gas station signs of those times and display them with pride. Many of those signs that once hung on gas station walls now proudly decorate home bars or backyard fences.

There is a term that is used to describe the collecting of gas station memorabilia, namely petroliana. But whatever you call the collecting of gas station ads and memorabilia, there is nothing that can compare with the excitement of finding an old gas station sign in mint condition that was just waiting to be found in someone’s barn or defunct gas station. If you can’t get out into the countryside to locate such a site yourself, perhaps you can find a sign or a piece of history in this web site that triggers pleasant thoughts of the past for you.